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Why are some Aurelia dishes, that are on the menu, not available?

Our concept is farm to table; we only take what we can serve, and what the farm has on hand. Sometimes this does not match, and items run out during service. Unfortunately, we cannot go to the freezer and pull out another item. Our products are all natural and are usually come from the farm that same week or day. We buy the whole animal and break them down in house using every part, occasionally if we run out of one part, we may be able to substitute with another cut.

When this happens, Chef James does his best to compensate. On occasions, and when possible, he will create a whole new dish to substitute for the item that ran out.

Part of the beauty of our menu, and our local supply of products, is that you have a new adventure every time you join us. We hope you understand and can embrace the adventure.

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