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Why is the restaurant called Aurelia?

Since Aurelia opened in 2018, we've loved sharing stories. Our guests often share their stories with our staff, they ask about our story, and what we've found is that we're building community together. One question we've often been asked is where the name of the restaurant comes from. Aurelia is named after Chef James' mother. Her name is Arlene; however, the saint's name her parents gave her at her baptism was Aurelia. She married into a family that had four sons, and through the years, "Aurelia" became the affectionate nickname our father and his brothers often used for her (especially if she was acting particularly ornery). If we were late going somewhere, our father could be heard from the garage, "Let's go Aurelia!"; or if our mother wasn't paying attention during the Sunday canasta games with the extended family, you can be sure one of the Uncles was quick to shout, "we don't have all day Aurelia!" Unfortunately, our father and his brothers have all passed, but Aurelia is still one of the sweetest, liveliest ladies you'd ever want to meet (although she can still be ornery!). She lives locally, in Chagrin Falls, and usually comes for brunch on Sundays.

Please stop in to say hello to Aurelia, when you get the chance! We'd love to hear your story!

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