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Why do we serve grass-fed beef?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

[The following blog comes from our friends at Miller Livestock Co., Inc. For more information on Miller Livestock please visit their website]

Here’s why you should choose the grass-fed option:

It’s delicious—grass-fed beef has a delicious, clean “mouth feel”—you get the great taste of beef

It’s healthier

  • For customers (and all of us)-grassfed beef is better for you. It has less total fat, less saturated fat and cholesterol and more omega-3 fatty acids—the “good” fats we usually associate with seafood.

  • For the animal-cows were meant to eat grass! Eating corn and soybeans can cause them to have a number of digestive difficulties—not happy cows!

  • For the environment-cows who are out on pasture turn sunshine and grass into meat and milk without the use of fossil fuels and chemical inputs used to grow and harvest grain.

So it’s a “win-win-win”. Grass-fed is the healthiest choice; you’re improving the welfare of animals, helping to put an end to environmental degradation and making the best choice for your own health as well.

If you have a chance to visit Miller Livestock—you will see the great conditions the cattle lived in, the care we take with our animals and our farm.

You will see—a beautiful farm, healthy, happy livestock, hard-working farmers trying to raise the best possible product.

Thanks for your attention!


Melissa and Aaron Miller

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