How about a movie and dinner?


farmer’s board for two please ask your server for today’s assortment of meat and cheese

greens Green Grocers lettuce, Oberlin cucumbers, Ohio cherry tomatoes, Parmigiana Reggiano, pickle vinaigrette

soup stutzman farm black bean, Miller Livestock spicy sausage, Anjiuli corn

wings Miller Livestock chicken, house chili lime sauce, blue cheese yogurt


pork chop Miller Livestock pork chop, sweet root mash, braised Weaver Truck Patch cabbage, Moores Heritage bacon, apple compote

chicken Miller Livestock chicken, Chioggia beet and local mushroom risotto

walleye Lake Erie walleye, basmati, Oberlin carrots, lemon dill tomato broth

scallop Maine scallops, Weavers Truck Patch spaghetti squash aglio e olio, Parmigiana Reggiano

strip Miller Livestock grassfed strip steak, Yoder sweet potato rosemary gratin, red wine garlic demi

salmon beet salad Irish organic salmon, Lettuce Heads greens, Camp Farm Road chioggia beets and cucumbers, Mackenzie Creamery chevre, pickle vinaigrette


french chocolate cheesecake

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